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Two top Australian telecom operators, Telstra and Optus, have finally made the iPad 4 data plans available to customers through contract. All three models – 16Gb, 32Gb, and 64Gb – of Apple’s latest full-sized tablet are now available through varying data plans between the telecom giants, but both offer competitive and engaging ways for customers to enjoy the ultra fast Internet speeds of the Australian 4G network. Let’s review the differences in their offerings to determine which one fares as a better choice. Enter Office 2016 Product Key www.office.com/setup

Telstra offers the 16Gb iPad 4 at four different data limits over a two-year contract. The lowest data limit, pegged at 1Gb,is priced at $49 per month, while adding five more dollars will avail you of the 4Gb data limit. Telstra offers 8Gb of data at a monthly plan of $69, while a whopping monthly fee of $104 will avail you of Telstra’s 15Gb data plan for the 16Gb model of the iPad 4. Adding logic and cost-consciousness to the equation, signing up a 15Gb data plan for a 16Gb iPad 4 is the weirdest and most expensive combination that you can make out of Telstra’s deal. Assuming that you can consume the 15Gb monthly data that the plan offers, that leaves you roughly less than 1Gb of space on your iPad 4. The 15Gb deal is way too much for the low-storage iPad model – perhaps it will work better with the 32Gb or 64Gb iPad variant. www.webroot.com/safe - Enter key code get Webroot Antivirus

On the other hand, the Optus offers two-year contracts for various data plans 2Gb and 20Gb, and the payment options are flexible such that customers can pay for the iPad 4 in 12-month or 24-month periodic installments. Following simple comparison computations, Optus’s 10Gb plan is priced at $63 per month, which is cheaper by $900 than the deals offered by Telstra. www.mcafee.com/activate - Enter McAfee Product Key

As for the 32Gb models of the iPad 4, Telstra’s data plans are four dollars higher than their 16Gb plans. Optus charges customers availing of a 10Gb data plan with around a monthly cost of $32.05 just for the device, and the rates for the data plan alone are pegged at $34.95. Combining these two figures, the Optus offers only $67 for a 32Gb iPad 4 with a 10Gb monthly data plan. www.avg.com/retail - AVG Retail Card installation

Telstra’s data plans for 64Gb variant of the iPad 4 are five dollars more expensive than its data plans for the 32Gb iPad. Meanwhile, Optus is offering its customers a $72 price tag for the iPad 4 unit and the 10Gb data plan, which is significantly cheaper than Telstra’s 15Gb plan priced at $113. www.mcafee.com/activate - Enter your mcafee retail card

All in all, Telstra and Optus both have their advantages when it comes to offering competitive data plans for the iPad 4. Although both of them offer the device under two-year contracts, Optus might win customers over with its significantly cheaper deals. However, Telstra’s advantage is on coverage, because it has a broader 4G network that covers most areas compared to Optus. www.mcafee.com/dellactivation